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Upgrading How To

Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone knows of a concise tutorial on how to upgrade (by
moving from one box (old) to another box (new) mysql in a virtual
environment (many mysql users, many databases).




Mysql 5.x setup on freebsd 8.x (x86/32b), call this box A.


Want to move to a new box:


                Mysql 5.6.17 on freebsd 9.3 (x86/32b) call this box B. 


1)      How does one correctly move the users and all the permissions (grant

2)      How does one move the data.

3)      Assume lots of backups have been done and there is no risk of
permanently loosing data. 
Also, move/copy to be done using files (to memstick or external disk or
NFS), not using ssh directly (rcopy etc).

4)      Basically, dumpt the data and users and perms and put it on a new
box J


I suspect this question is trivial to a lot of admins out there, but, I
suspect it would be helpful to many out there.


Happy Holidays!