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[Solved] Re: command is not allowed with this MySQL version


Le 12/12/2014 11:51, Johan De Meersman a écrit :

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From: "yoku ts." <yoku0825@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: command is not allowed with this MySQL version

Christophe has already told,
The used MySQL version is 5.5.40 from Debian Wheezy package.

No, that's the new version. It'd be fun to know what the OLD version was, too.

Absolutely no idea : The app was running on a shared hosting, and don't have access to it ...

Maybe you missed *mysql command-line client's --local-infile option*

Not particularly helpful, since Christophe already said it's a PHP application :-)

Right :) and the solve was in PHP behavior (all seems fine now ...) .

The configuration was fine, but to take care of 'local-infile' parameter in PHP configuration (and on Debian) the php5-mysqlnd package must be installed instead of php5-mysql.

Hoping this can help someone in the future.



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