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Re: Xml data import

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> From: "Sayth Renshaw" <flebber.crue@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Xml data import
> I have an xml data feed with xsd, it's complex in elements not size. Wray
> are the best way to get data into mysql, do I have to hack with xquery?

That's going to depend on the complexity of your XML and how much of that complexity you want preserved. There's definitely libraries out there that can map XML (tree) structures onto relational structures; although it's been so long since I played with XML that I really couldn't tell you which ones.

> My goal is to be able create queries and send csv files out for analysis in
> R and plots in ggplot2. Also render done other off the initial days to the
> Web usually xslt from xml.

I suppose that worstcase you could use XSLT to transform into a flatter structure, maybe even CSV?

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