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Re: How to retrieve next record?

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On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 5:10 PM, Trianon 33 <trianon33@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Larry Martell schreef op 11-12-14 om 23:04:
>> On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 4:58 PM, Trianon 33 <trianon33@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Larry Martell schreef op 11-12-14 om 22:43:
>>>> On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 4:34 PM, Trianon 33 <trianon33@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> It seems like a simple question, however I'm not able to find the
>>>>> answer.....
>>>>> Let me explain. I have a DB with lots of columns, one is labeled as
>>>>> 'kenteken' and it is also the primary key in the DB. I poke into this
>>>>> DB
>>>>> with the command
>>>>> $sDBQuery1 = "SELECT * FROM kentekenlogtest WHERE kenteken =
>>>>> '$sActueelkenteken'";
>>>>> This is ok and gives me the correct result. However, then I want the
>>>>> next
>>>>> row (according to the primary key), but with what command?
>>>>> That's were I'm stuck.
>>>>> Didn't find anything like NEXT, so... what to look for?
>>>> What do you mean by 'next' row? Since you're querying by primary key
>>>> you will only get one row, right?
>>> Sorry for not expressing me right.
>>> Let's say may DB contains the following rowd:
>>> 0001ES bla bla bla
>>> 0002ES bla bla bla
>>> 0010DD bla bla bla
>>> 0012FF bla bla bla
>>> The first row I retrieve with my statement where my variable
>>> $sActueelkenteken = 0001ES. This is succesfully. after that I want the
>>> next
>>> record which happens to be 0002ES etc. That's the next record I would
>>> like
>>> to retrieve.
>>> Does this help for the question?
>> The rows in the database are not ordered. What makes 0002ES the row
>> you want? You have to change your query to select the rows you want
>> and control the order with a sort or within your program.
> Hello Larry, hmmmmm.
> My rows are ordered.

No, the data in the database is not ordered.

> 0001ES, comes before 0002ES, etc. But so far that
> doesn't really matter.
> My DB consists of approx 10 mio records, all with this 6-digit field
> "kenteken" which is 6 positions. All records are sorted by primary key which
> is on the field "kenteken".
> All I want to do is select a record (not neccesarily the first in the DB)
> and from there I want simply the next record based on the order of the
> primary key. Somewhere in the middle I would see record 5555FF, followed by
> 5555ZZ for example and somewhere to the end I would see 9999ZZ.
> Makes this explanation it somewhat more understandable?

You would have to know the range of the items you want, e.g.:

SELECT * FROM kentekenlogtest WHERE kenteken >= $firstOneYouWant and
kenteken <= $lastOneYouWant

Or if you know how many you want you could do:

SELECT * FROM kentekenlogtest WHERE kenteken >= $firstOneYouWant limit

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