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回复: Re: forum vs email

DEAR guys:

         I think Email is good for search and I can download to my moible device.



发件人:Mark Goodge <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
发送时间:2014-12-11 17:23
主题:Re: forum vs email

On 10/12/2014 23:40, Reindl Harald wrote: 
> Am 10.12.2014 um 18:38 schrieb hsv@xxxxxxxx: 
>>>>>> 2014/12/10 09:00 +0100, Johan De Meersman >>>> 
>> .... One of the (for me, at least) defining features of a forum, is 
>> that the subjects tend to be divided up into a tree structure, which 
>> has it's own benefits .... 
>> <<<<<<<< 
>> Something more sophisticated than grouping messages by trimmed 
>> subject-lines? 
>> maybe involving such header lines as were used in the old netnews (if 
>> e-mail is part of it)? 
> every sane MUA supports threading 
> see attached screenshot 

Indeed. That, to me, is one of the key arguments in favour of a mailing  
list: people can choose how to view the list according to their own  
preference (some like it threaded, others prefer a flat view based  
simply on message date). Other arguments in favour of email include: 

* Email is a push medium. I don't have to continually re-check a website  
to see if there's any new messages, they simply arrive in my list  
mailbox and I view them at my convenience. 

* Individual emails can be forwarded and/or saved independently of the  

* Email gives me a local archive of messages in addition to any central  

having said that, I think that web-based archives of mailing lists can  
be very useful, particularly for a public list where the archive is open  
to search engines. That makes them a valuable historical resource as  
well as merely a for-the-moment discussion forum. And, if you're going  
to have a web-based archive, it isn't a huge step from there to add the  
ability to post to the list via the web as well. That can be helpful for  
people on corporate email systems who don't easily have the ability to  
subscribe to a list (or filter mail from it into a separate folder), as  
well as people who only need to contribute very infrequently and don't  
want to have to subscribe in order to do so. But all this should, IMO,  
be in addition to the core features of an email mailing list, rather  
than a replacement for them. 



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