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Re: forum vs email

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> From: "Sándor Halász" <hsv@xxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: forum vs email

> I believ that one could both by e-mail and through a webbrowser comment on a
> Google group.

True; and before that there was yahoo groups, and others. Those are not fora, however, merely web interfaces to mailing lists / newsgroups. One of the (for me, at least) defining features of a forum, is that the subjects tend to be divided up into a tree structure, which has it's own benefits; although as Shawn says, there is also benefit to the broad exposure you get on a mailing list.

> And one who reads & sends e-mail through a webbrowser surely considers
> discussion through e-mail simplie more overhead than using his webbrowser for

I use webmail - to the point where I host my own domains. Still vastly prefer email over fora, as interfaces go. Better read/unread views, proper filtering, sorting stuff into folder structures that are convenient for me instead of for the administrator, etc.

> discussion, too. I further suspect e-mail clients on own computers are not in
> fashion.

That does seem to be the case; although I think in a corporate setting the situation is different.

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