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On 12/9/2014 9:10 PM, hsv@xxxxxxxx wrote:
2014/12/09 15:20 -0600, Peter Brawley >>>>
And why not? Because no one bothered to implement it? Now I (for the first time?) looked at "forums.mysql.com" and see more topics than on "lists.mysql.com". The former is just more with-it, I guess.

I believ that one could both by e-mail and through a webbrowser comment on a Google group.

And one who reads & sends e-mail through a webbrowser surely considers discussion through e-mail simplie more overhead than using his webbrowser for discussion, too. I further suspect e-mail clients on own computers are not in fashion.

Well, the Forum does provide a bit less permanence than subscribing to a list. You can login, post your questions, then disappear without worrying about future emails about topics you may never be interested in.

I guess we (the list members) are more dedicated than the forum users because we all recognize the usefulness of seeing a broad range of topics presented in an easily filterable and save-able format (email) over the web-based content of the forums.

I also find it easier to monitor the emails than the forum simply because the most recent response to a list topic does not automatically reposition the topic to the top of the list. It's harder to lose a question in the noise when I can see what I have tagged as read/unread. I can't do that in the forums.

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