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Re: mysql strangeness...

Am 08.12.2014 um 14:56 schrieb Chris Knipe:
They have been dealt with.  mySQL has 4096 file descriptors available.
Through all of this, not one single error is logged to the errorlog

mysql soft nofile 4096
mysql hard nofile 4096

that won't work well depending on the number of threads and tables

the first below is a webserver with some thousand MyISAM tables
the second a dbmail-server with just a view InnoDB tables (dbmail)

and depedning how mysqld is started "limits.conf" often is not relevant at all, in the past with sysvinit i remember to have placed "ulimit" calls into the init-script, systemd has much better options


[root@localhost:~]$ lsof | grep mysqld | grep -v DEL | wc -l

[root@mail:~]$ lsof | grep mysqld | grep -v DEL | wc -l

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