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Re: forum vs email [was: Re: table-for-column]

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> From: "Jan Steinman" <Jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: forum vs email [was: Re: table-for-column]

> There actually seem to be a lot of these around. I'm on several that send me
> email when there are new forum postings.

Yes, that bit is pretty standard functionality; but usually they're little more than a notification that something was posted, maybe the first few lines of a post.

I want:
 * The entire post, and as little notification-type content as possible,
 * headers and subjects so that mail clients that support threading will thread everything from a single forum topic in a mail thread and vice versa,
 * and, most importantly, the ability to also *reply* through mail and have it appear in the forum thread at the appropriate place in the conversation

Those things are what would make it a proper mailing list integration, instead of just another notification tool.

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