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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] mplayer 1.4.0 release

Hello Erik, 

On 14 April 2019 13:20:49 CEST, Erik Auerswald <auerswal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Due to that I am not even able to test on my systems...
>Perhaps you are after reading this mail. ;-)

So far I would consider all those cases window manager bugs, in those examples you gave that I could test KDE preserves aspect of the window actually...
Not that it matters all that much except to explain how we ended up here... 
I could reproduce by removing the aspect hint in the code though.

>You do at least know that vo xv is not supposed to handle the use case.

I used the term "not designed to". It's not that it wouldn't be good if it handled it, but the way it was designed (among other things, assumptions all over the place that aspect needs to be handled only in fullscreen mode) means that usually every time we try to fix it, it breaks something worse...
I don't know why 1.3.0 works for you, but it would be a miracle if it actually was bug-free in this aspect (maybe it's the "flickering when resizing" issue it suffers from instead?).
And you have to be careful also to not break performance, if we were drawing the border every frame for example that would create quite massive performance issues in some cases.
Could also be related to ck-method setting I guess?

Best regards,
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