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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] mplayer 1.4.0 release


On 4/14/19 10:42, Reimar Döffinger wrote:
On Wed, Apr 03, 2019 at 09:25:12PM +0200, Erik Auerswald wrote:
Testing on my older notebook still running Ubuntu 14.04 I do not see
the same problems with -vo xv, but similar one when changing the
window size (but not in fullscreen mode).

How do you manage to do that?
MPlayer sets PAspect window hint, you are not supposed to be able to
resize the window in a way that needs black borders, and vo_xv was not
designed to handle that case...

Unity obviously ignores this hint, while Gnome honors it. Thus I can
change the aspect ratio on my Ubuntu 14.04 system by manually resizing
the window, but not on the Ubuntu 18.04 system.


Maximizing a window (not fullscreen) changes the aspect ratio, because
both Unity and Gnome have different areas reserved for the desktop and
not available to the X11 client (a bar on top, a launcher to the left,
and Gnome keeps a window border on top even if maximized -- the details
nay change between versions). The fixed aspect hint is ignored in those


Starting MPlayer with -nofs to play a video with e.g the same vertical
size as the screen, say 1080 pixels, will result in MPlayer trying to
get a window with vertical size of 1080 pixels, but this is then resized
vertically to the space allowed by the desktop (1023 pixels on my Ubuntu
18.04 system with Gnome), but the horizontal window size it not adjusted
to keep the aspect ratio.


It seems to me as if MPlayer should be able to handle this situation
even when using vo xv. It does when using vo gl[2].


The problems I observed were not present in MPlayer 1.3.0. They were
strongest on a system with two screens with different aspect ratios.

I do tend to move windows from one screen to the other, including
videos, and toggling fullscreen mode to do so (fullscreen movie on
first screen, toggle to window, move to second screen, toggle to
fullscreen) and thus change the aspect ratio of the display area.
This did work fine with vo xv and MPlayer 1.3.0.

Due to that I am not even able to test on my systems...

Perhaps you are after reading this mail. ;-)

You do at least know that vo xv is not supposed to handle the use case.



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