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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] mplayer 1.4.0 release


On 4/6/19 22:18, Alexander Strasser wrote:
On 2019-04-04 09:14 +0200, Erik Auerswald wrote:
On Wed, Apr 03, 2019 at 11:51:58PM +0200, Alexander Strasser wrote:

I will have a look into the vo xv issues. Sounds like it could be
a regression.

There have been just a few commits to vo_xv.c since the release of
1.3.0, but I did not see anything obviously problematic. An older commit
pertained to setting the background color (according to the commit log),
but I did not look at that patch. But then I do not know that code at all.

It seems as if the borders are actually drawn, but not in black, but
using some other memory contents, sometimes from the video, sometimes
from the root window ("desktop"). It does not look as if unitialized
memory is copied.

Since the commits since 1.3.0 pertained to formats: on the 18.04 system
MPlayer reports "VO: [xv] 1280x720 => 1280x720 Planar YV12".

Did that line change compared to the version you didn't have the
border drawing problems?

No, it did not.

More data points:

- Fullscreen black borders work with current SVN without an external
  monitor connected (Ubuntu 18.04).

- Maximising the video image results in wrong image content instead
  of black bars with current SVN (all tested systems and

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