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[MPlayer-dev-eng] A TV recording software needed


we are a transcription company that does transcription of broadcast news. For that purpose, we need several TV stations constantly recorded in chunks. We have developed software to do that for us more than 10 years ago. But, we don't have the internal bandwidth to maintain and upgrade the software as we go on. So, we are still using Linux kernel 2.4 and video4linux interface. We have to use old, no longer produced PC's and video capture cards.

We need a recording system that uses current technology. As far as our recording requirements go, they are very low end. We don't need high quality video to watch. On the contrary, we need as small files as possible. Our current recordings are 1 frame per second, quite small screen size and highly compressed with RealMedia codecs. We really only need the audio. Video is just for speaker identification purposes. So, quality and fluidity is not a requirement.

Our current system records both video+audio and audio only versions concurrently. It records in chunks, typically 5 or 10 minute chunks continuously 24x7. There is a 10-15 second overlap between recordings so the transcripts can be matched together in assembly.

We also capture CC (closed caption) text. Our current software may still work with newer kernels. I'm not sure if there was any change to the VBI interface.

We would like to hire a developer to either update our software or write a new one to do the recordings on current technology (kernels, computers, capture cards, sound cards, etc.)

If you are interested, please respond to this email or call me at +1-301-440-8810.


Selcuk Ozturk

VP of Technology


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