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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] Probable boolean logic bug

Hi Michael!

On 2016-04-16 17:16 -0400, Michael McConville wrote:
> It seems that there's a nonsensical if condition in the IVTV code. It
> always evaluates to true because it tests the same variable against
> multiple different constants. The most probable explanation is that ||
> was used when && was intended.

This particular problem was fixed by Reimar in ao v4l2 already,
which is AFAICT directly derived from ao ivtv, but ao v4l2 should
be the one to use nowadays.

AFAIU ivtv interface was there before this stuff was possible with
video4linux, but the interfaces were afterwards integrated into video4linux
and ivtv should not be relevant since like about a decode ago. I am
no expert in this area, but I guess we should consider to completely
drop ivtv support in MPlayer.

> I found this with Coccinelle.
> Thanks for your time,

Thank you for taking the time to report.

I committed your patch (SVN r37943).

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