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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH]can not open ISO file including multibyte file path. on Windows.

On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 12:55:02AM +0900, Tadashi Ando wrote:
> I will fix my patch.
> (1). I clean code of dynamic symbol lookups.
> (2). I will share the encoding conversion code with stream_file etc.
> I have a question about (2).
> Where should the shared code be placed ?
> I will add functions like the following ...
> win32_convert_utf8_to_wide_char()
> win32_convert_wide_char_to_local_windows_code_page()
> win32_convert_utf8_to_local_windows_code_page()
> ...

The win32_convert_ part seems a bit verbose, and might
end up a bit silly if we ever end up implementing
then function also for some other OS or switch to
requiring libiconv and making them non-Windows specific.
But take that just as an idle comment, you write the code,
you get to decide the naming, at least in this case :)

> For these functions, should I create a new file somewhere ?
> Or is there already a suitable file ?

I would probably just put it in stream/stream.c/h.
Just leaving it in stream_file.c and exporting it
would be kind of ok as well, especially if it reduces
the size of the diff.
But neither is a particularly suitable place,
so if you prefer you can create a new file.
I am mostly too lazy for all the boilerplate like
license headers, inclusion guards etc. that you
need to write in that case.

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