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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] Support for xxpc chunks in AVI

Mats Peterson <matsp888-at-yahoo.com@xxxxxxxxxx> skrev: (8 mars 2016 21:05:38 CET)
>"Reimar Döffinger" <Reimar.Doeffinger@xxxxxx> skrev: (8 mars 2016
>20:28:02 CET)
>>On Tue, Mar 08, 2016 at 07:46:45AM +0100, Mats Peterson wrote:
>>> Since you've been so concerned about the whole xxpc chunk issue,
>>> when will we actually see support for xxpc chunks in the AVI demuxer
>>> MPlayer?
>>The only thing I am concerned about is that either things are
>>implemented properly, or if that's not considered worth it
>>it's a conscious decision and documented, at the very
>>least in FFmpeg.
>>I have no intention to add new features to our AVI demuxer.
>>Whether maybe FFmpeg's should be the default or if it's
>>easy enough to print a messages suggesting to use FFmpeg's
>>manually if such junks are encountered is a different
>>question though.
>>MPlayer-dev-eng mailing list
>So am I, regarding things being implemented properly. The best thing
>would probably be to index the xxpc "junks", as you call it, instead of
>adding the palette to every keyframe, which would otherwise be needed.
>Also, to have the demuxer use the right logic to set the correct
>palette at a certain timestamp based on the xxpc indices.
>Mats Peterson
>MPlayer-dev-eng mailing list

Or "xxpc index entries", rather.
Mats Peterson
MPlayer-dev-eng mailing list