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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] MPlayer and raw video

On 02/25/2016 09:01 PM, compn wrote:
On Thu, 25 Feb 2016 19:32:26 +0100
Mats Peterson <matsp888-at-yahoo.com@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 02/25/2016 07:17 PM, Reimar Döffinger wrote:
I see. Does that mean you won't support in the future? FFplay
plays these files just fine, so I don't see why MPlayer shouldn't
be able to play this rudimentary type of video as well.

Mostly because I doubt that (more or less) anyone cares whether they
play, but my "(ok, rather was)" was meant as an indication that it
is fixed. As far as I can tell, all of them.

That must have been very recently then. It was some days that I got
the latest SVN of MPlayer, but I doubt it's already fixed. I might be
wrong, of course.

literally, reimar fixed it in svn today before he sent that email.

since raw video has no header, its up to mplayer to guess. mplayer devs
dont care to guess raw stuff so its left up to the user. if user is
going to use raw , user must know dimensions and such.

I should never have used the phrase "raw video", I guess. What I meant with raw video is merely uncompressed RGB video, whether it's in the video samples themselves (as in 24-bit RGB), or in a palette, or simply black & white (which also is a form of RGB). It can be contained in AVI, QuickTime or Matroska, for example, so it's hardly headerless. Sorry for the confusion.

alternatively, its been known that mplayer's rawdec has had problems in
some situations. which is why i added all of the ffraw* decoders to

should we put mplayer's raw decoders under ffmpeg's raw decoders in
codecs.conf ?

are there any bugs our decoders vs ffmpeg decoders?
(i'd like to drop our raw support, in the future, and let ffmpeg handle
it, if possible. but this is way way in the future...)

I just downloaded r37799, and there are still problems with raw video in Matroska. Not that it's overly much used, except by me, who likes to store everything in Matroska nowadays. But it's on the right track, at least. FFplay handles all of these files correctly (as expected), so perhaps it would be a good idea to use libavformat's demuxer for files containing raw video, if at all possible. As you said yourself, it's hardly top priority, and I know that too, but I just wanted to make you guys aware of the problems.


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