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[MPlayer-dev-eng] MPlayer 1.3.0 release

 it looks like FFmpeg is planning to do the next release 3.0.0 next
week, so that it's out before the next Ubuntu LTS (freeze see
http://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel/2016-February/189321.html ).

Since MPlayer 1.2.x will not work with FFmpeg 3.0, we need a new

I have no idea if Ubuntu 16.04 will pick up FFmpeg 3.0, and then
MPlayer 1.3.0 (Debian hasn't upgraded to 1.2.1 yet); I just want to be
ready in case it happens.
Surely other distributions will get FFmpeg 3.0 anyway, and thy will
need an upgrade path from 1.2.1.

How to proceed?

If we want to reach the Ubuntu milestone we should make the 1.3 branch
on Monday and the release on Thursday (or later if FFmpeg 3.0 is not
out yet).
It's a very short time frame.
Also I won't be available on Wednesday and Tuesday, so if FFmpeg is
late somebody else will have to do it.

Comments and suggestions?
Should we try to do it, of just forget about it and release 1.3.0 in
the next weeks? (over the next weekend or the one after that).

Regarding the release itself:
 - Pending patches: I think the BSD build regression fix from Alexander
   should be committed; I'm not aware of other critical fixes.
   If you have anything safe that you want to see in the release please
   commit it now.
 - FFmpeg: 1.3.0 will include unpatched FFmpeg 3.0 release; all the
   bugs known to me with the new sws filter are fixed.
 - Release notes: volunteers? Else I'll write e a few sentences. Main
   points: compatibility with 3.0, now requires libswresample, usual
   buzzwords about new features.
 - Release name: if no suggestions, it will be "worksforme"

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