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[MPlayer-dev-eng] mplayer's size


My ticket about mplayer's excessive size increase was closed as
invalid. However, a 18mb binary is in no way acceptable, it results in
a startup time of several seconds with cold caches. Mplayer used to be
13mb in 2013, and 8mb in 2011.

I will be posting patches to help this, and what follows are my
observations about current trunk.

- there's almost 1mb of eh_frame bloat, completely unnecessary in a
release-build C program
- the unnecessary encoding functions are present in mplayer
- yet, the display functions are not present in mencoder (good, but why
half-way like this?)

Size -A:
.data              238432   19464928
.rela.dyn          686808      45176
.data.rel.ro      1175280   18280480
.rodata           2830816   13342912
.text            12576860     766016

12mb of code, 4mb of RO data, 680kb of load-time relocations (startup
cost!), and 230kb of RW data (startup cost!). Removing the unused
encoding functions should help all these somewhat, and some work should
go to removing as much .data as possible.

Most of rela.dyn seems to be from variables, likely from .data.

- Lauri
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