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[MPlayer-dev-eng] MPlayer and QuickTime fourcc 'raw '

MPlayer seems to naively assume that a QuickTime file (or Matroska file with V_QUICKTIME, for that matter) with the video fourcc 'raw ' (uncompressed RGB) contains 24-bit RGB triplets. The QuickTime File Format Specification states the following regarding "Uncompressed RGB":


* For depths of 1, 2, 4, and 8, the values stored are indexes into the color table specified in the color table ID field.

* For a depth of 16, the pixels are stored as 5-5-5 RGB values with the high bit of each 16-bit integer set to 0.

* For a depth of 24, the pixels are stored packed together in RGB order.

* For a depth of 32, the pixels are stored with an 8-bit alpha channel, followed by 8-bit RGB components."


Below are two files with the 'raw ' fourcc from Apple's QuickTime Beta CD. These are *not* 24-bit RGB, but 1-bit and 8-bit files. FFplay handles this correctly, but MPlayer currently does not. When playing the 8-bit sample file below for example, it plays without video, and it constantly spits out "Frame too small! (19200<76800) Wrong format?" lines which is clearly an indication that it thinks the data is 24-bit RGB when it is in fact 8-bit.

1-bit sample:

8-bit sample:


Mats Peterson
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