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[MPlayer-dev-eng] [RFC] Remove internal adpcm audio codecs

 I propose to remove the internal adpcm audio codecs from MPlayer, and
keep only the ffmpeg version

The files involved are
 ad_dk3adpcm.c DK3 adpcm
 ad_imaadpcm.c MS ima adpcm, QT ima adpcm, DK4 adpcm
 ad_msadpcm.c MS adpcm

FFmpeg decoder is already preferred for all of them, so nothing should
change for normal usage.

The internal codecs are less robust that the FFmpeg implementation; so
when the initialization of the ffmpeg codec fails on broken files (eg.
fuzzed samples), the internal codecs is used.
So the internal codecs are now used only on broken files, and they

Surely it's possible to fix them, and some trivial fixes were done by
Carl and me in the last weeks, but I see no good reason to keep
spending resources on them.

So if nobody is against it, I'll remove them shortly.

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