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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] VAAPI/X11 video output driver

Andy Furniss wrote:
Mark Thompson wrote:

See attached for the whole patch.

Briefly tested on gallium vaapi on a radeonsi card and it seems OK.

One nit with the vo is that for 16/9 anamorphic eg 720x576 ->
1024x576 I get a 720x576 window with the 16/9 image scaled down in
the middle with bars top & bottom. This doesn't happen with -vo x11
-zoom - but then in other ways it's not like that anyway,
specifically I am getting working vsync, which I notice you don't.
Maybe using dri3 + amdgpu ddx + glamor somehow does this.

There is also an issue when full screen with anamorphic. It fills the
screen OK, but while the overlay is displayed there is a chance of some
corruption  over the picture and depending on size of vid tested the
overlay its self may be chopped off.
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