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[MPlayer-dev-eng] Website cleanup - projects - part 1

Hi all,
 tonight I started to review the links on our website, starting from
the projects page (that also includes many MPlayer unofficial packages).

I started both from top and bottom (don't ask me why). I did only
two categories at the moment, there is still a lot to check (that page
is huge).

This is a list of broken links an obsolete pages, with comments

Unofficial packages
- MPlayerOSX Extended builds: updated Nov 2013. Keep anyway
- MPlayerOSX builds: updated Nov 2008. Drop
- urpmi packages by the Penguin Liberation Front: broken, 2007. Drop
- Slackware build script by Herbert Alexander Faleiros: dead. Drop
- Zaurus port: direct link dead, site unrelated. Drop
- Japanese Zaurus port of MPlayer: hijacked domain? Drop
- Fink port: has 0.90pre6 from 2002. What's Fink? Keep?
- NetBSD pkgsrc: direct link dead, can't find MPlayer on the ftp.
- Amiga port: direct link dead, can't find MPlayer on site. Drop
- Nokia internet tablet port: has 1.0rc1. Keep anyway
- TomTom GPS port: site dead. Drop
- Syllable Desktop resource package: has 1.0rc2. Keep anyway
- Android port of MPlayer: updated Jul 2011. Project dead. Drop?

Blacklisted Projects
- KiSS Technology A/S: domain parked
- NPlayer: link dead, domain parked
- Dziobas Rar Player: site dead
- WarpVision Player: site dead
- PS2 MediaPlayer: Chinese adult video seller?
- Linspire: Chinese vegetable sales? MPlayer direct link is 404

My proposal is to drop dead links (especially parked/hijacked/redirected
ones) for packages, I see no reason to keep them around.
What to do with obsolete packages form mainstream platforms? Keep them
in a dedicated section for historical reason or drop? I'm for dropping.
I'd keep anyway the obsolete packages for fringe platforms, eventually
we can group them somewhere.

Regarding blacklisted projects I'd drop the complete section, it's
probably also totally outdated.

I have no idea about what to with the links for other projects (still
to be checked); it won't be easy to find out if they are up to date or
not (eg. does a frontend works with modern MPlayer? Is a home
entertainment systems or a CD distribution still using MPlayer?).
But we can at least stop linking to hijacked or parked sites, and clean
the broken/dead urls.

Comments are welcome.

Also if anybody wants to help with the task please do; the same applies
to all the other pages of the website.

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