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[MPlayer-dev-eng] Linker error building mplayer

I tried to build mplayer from source (svn checkout). Unfortunaly I get a linker error:
sub/sub.o: In function `vo_update_osd_ext':
sub.c:(.text+0x114d): undefined reference to 'kerning'
sub.c:(.text+0x1261): undefined reference to 'render_one_glyph'
I have disabled fontconfig and freetype in my build script.
So I took a look at the code. In sub/font_load.h there are the lines
void render_one_glyph(font_desc_t *desc, int c) {}
int kerning(font_desc_t *desc, int prevc, int c) { return 0; }
These should be enough to avoid the linking error, so why is it not working?

Kind regards
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