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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] Bit rot

Attila Kinali <attila <at> kinali.ch> writes:
> With the upcoming release, has anyone done some regression testing?
> I noticed over the last 2-3 years an increasing number of files that
> fail playing. What's worse, using an MPlayer version that is a year
> or two old plays them fine. These files vary from old divx+mp3 in avi,
> over mp4+mp3 in ogm to h.264+aac in mkv. The bugs manifstest themselves
> in various ways, A/V desync that increases to several seconds within
> a minute or two, flickering subs, sudden end-of-file in the middle
> of the file and of course, the usual crashes. My usual way to deal
> with this issues is just to take one of my old compiles of MPlayer
> and use that. In most cases it is enough to go back a year to get
> smooth and "bug free" playback.

Sorry for late response, I'm traveling.

I've ran into a few bugs and forgot to report them. Can you link to some
samples that regressed? I'm also using old mplayer version because of
similar bugs in my files.

The eof Bug might be due to the change that mplayer decodes the file from
audio first now instead of video? Sorry I forgot the revision.

Crashes sound new though. Every time I setup a new mingw env, it corrupts my
hard drives. So if anyone wants to run a mingw build enviro box with ssh for
me, that would help me test bugs..


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