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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Fix FTBFS in kfreebsd + GNU/Hurd info

>I can't test this, but looks ok.
>Patch applied and backported to 1.2 branch. Thanks


> I'm not sure about this.
> Can't we just define PATH_MAX when compiling for HURD?
> I understand that the patch does the ideal thing (no path length
> limit), but do we really want all those ifdefs for a system that is
> barely used?

Yes, the original patch in Debian is from I believe one of the
GNU/Hurd developers so he probably was against the idea of using
PATH_MAX. When I compiled it earlier there were new instances of path
max so I created a new patch that fixes the new errors does this what
I think you suggested:


Also GNU required one _BSD_SOURCE since O_NDELAY is not defined
otherwise. I made it generic with "#ifndef PATH_MAX" since there are
other systems out there without Path_max. I guarded the _BSD_SOURCE
with __GNU__ since I was not sure if other systems required it too.

This patch still requires the 1st patch I mentioned.  So adding the
define to the 3 other files should fix it. It's probably better to add
it to a single global file or in the configure but I was not sure
where to put it.

>> Something like
>> ./configure --language=all --build-only-docs
>> make html-chunked
> To build the docs we normally do (see the release script in DOCS/tech)
> touch ffmpeg/libavutil/x86/asm.h
> configure --language=all --yasm=''

The issue is that the configure does this:

  elif header_check libavutil/avutil.h -lswscale -lavformat -lavcodec
-lavutil ; then
    extra_ldflags="$extra_ldflags -lswscale -lavformat -lavcodec -lavutil"

I provide the header but I also need to install all those -dev
packages to satisfy the ldflags if not I will hit the new die message:
die "both internal and external FFmpeg missing"

What I wanted is to avoid was having to install FFmpeg (and
dependencies) and possibly yasm (but this one is easy to avoid with
--yasm='') when only building the documentation.

That is why I suggest a flag to skip this:
die "both internal and external FFmpeg missing"
and possibly this:
die "yasm not found, use --yasm='' if you really want to compile without"

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