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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] Release news entry

On 09/04/15 01:56 PM, Roberto Togni wrote:
  this is a draft of the news entry in the homepage for the new release.

I made a summary of the most notable new features, and listed some
hints about the major changes.

Please post your suggestions and enhancements.

Also, I'm not a native English speaker; if you see any error feel free
to correct me.
+Also rtsp streaming now uses FFmpeg by deafault, so you don't need any
Typo, default

+additional library to use it.<br>
+For the full list of improvements and bugfixes check the FFmpeg Changelog
+(note: not all features are available throught MPlayer at the moment,
Typo, through

+especially filters).
+Many GUI improvements, both in functionality (eg. TV and DVB support) and
Typo, appearance

+If you use the GUI, be sure to grab also the latest version of your favorite
+skin, or try a new one. You can get them
+<a href="http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/dload.html#skins";>here</a>.<br>
+The GUI now officialy needs version 2 of GTK+ and GLib (compilation with older
Typo, officially

+version was already broken for quite some time).
+Starting from this release, MPlayer no longer ships with an internal copy of
+libdvdnav and lib dvdcss. You can use the libraries provided with your

Looks good to me other then the typos.

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