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[MPlayer-dev-eng] Commits to be reverted in the release branch

 these are some very recent updates to the new FFmpeg APIs that may be
reverted in the release to avoid possible problems, since the changes
had very little testing in MPlayer.

This applies only to this release branch, all the updates will stay in

Here is the list, with my comments.

r37447 replace request_channels with request_channel_layout
This should be safe, but I'm not sure it causes any change in the
behaviour. No functionality loss in reverting it.

r37450 don'tuse AVPacket.destruct
It may cause an additional copy of the demuxed packet when lavf is used.

r37451 replace lavcresample with swresample
Should be safe to leave it in, but adds a dependence on libswresample.
I suggest reverting it.

r37453 update to encode2
Changed by looking at other filters, untested by me. I'm all for
reverting it.

r37454 and r 37457 old vdpau decoder
Should be safe, but I never used vdpau before I start touching this
code. I'd revert it, not because of the old codec but to avoid
potential risks to the new vdpau.

r37455 mv0 flag
Safe, but causes a user-visible change. I propose to revert it.

The other API updates are safe IMHO and can stay, but if you like to
have something else reverted just reply.

Comments welcome.

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