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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] mplayer: add the -ass-keep-fonts option.

Nicolas George wrote:

Le primidi 11 ventôse, an CCXXIII, Hans-Dieter Kosch a écrit :
Ingo Brückl wrote:

I slightly prefer "keep" because I have a feeling it describes better what
happens: MPlayer keeps the font in memory, whether it will actually use it
again or not. But I am not a native English speaker, and maybe I am mapping
French nuances on the corresponding English words.

More objectively, "keep" is a more common word, so people will remember more

I understand a bit of French (but regrettably too less). From that point of view, "keep" appears now the word of choice for me.

That appears to describe the effect of this option quite well.
Or, even more precise:
or alternatively

This would not do, because the patch as it is keeps the fonts from all the
files, not just the first one. It is easy to see by just looking at the
code: the option inhibits the reset that happens between the files.

-ass-keep-fonts-between-files would do, but I find it uselessly long.

After a closer look, I understand now. Anyway, "-ass-keep-fonts-between-files" does not appear too long for me (I've seen longer options).

Or even longer:

(Appropriate naming may be a nightmare, I know...)

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