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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Add support for AArch64 architecture (64-bit ARM)

W dniu 19.01.2015 o 10:47, Marcin Juszkiewicz pisze:
> W dniu 18.01.2015 o 19:08, Reimar Döffinger pisze:
>> This won't run the tests for and enable NEON/VFP though.
>> I admit that I don't know if the VFP/NEON code we have will
>> just work for AArch64, but maybe worth testing instead of
>> adding support without even basic asm support?
> ARMv7a NEON code is not working on ARMv8a without rewriting. And there
> is no need to check for VFP because it is no longer optional.


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