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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] [patch] stricmp

Le quintidi 25 nivôse, an CCXXIII, Ingo Brückl a écrit :
> I suppose there is a reason for stricmp() (AFAIR, Windows doesn't have

I am convinced stricmp() exists because microsoft thought strcasecmp() was
Not Invented Here, and it was probably used in MPlayer because the patch
that introduced it was made by a developer more familiar with microsoft's

> strcasecmp()). If Cygwin had strcasecmp() before - fine, but I don't know
> and have to check.

The OP said that strcasecmp() is used all over the place, and grep confirms,
so obviously strcasecmp() is not a problem.

And as I said, if strcasecmp() were a problem, there is a reliable
reimplementation in libavutil.


  Nicolas George

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