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[MPlayer-dev-eng] installing on eeepc 701

I installed XFCE4 Live F21 on my eeepc 701 on a 8gb SDHC card in the the internal reader using RC1. So I had sda the internal SDD drive, sdb the USB key onto which I had copied the iso image via DD, and sdc the SDHC card. I plugged my monitor into the eeepc 701 because I know that complaints about resolution would not be received well. The install succeeded, although the Anaconda progress bar got stuck on formatting sdc1. I followed the install by switching to vt2 and watching until it completed.

I removed the USB key and attempted to boot the newly installed system. The boot of the new install failed, with a complaint it could not find the root file system. I rebooted with the USB key, and examined the grub.cfg. The kernel command line had root=/dev/sdc1 rather than root=/dev/sdb1. The /etc/fstab has a UUID for the root file system, and /dev/sdc2 for the swap partition. I fixed things up and successfully booted the newly installed system.

It seems things get confused when booting from a USB key when there are 2 internal drives.

I was impressed that the installed system was just above 2GB. I would consider installing it to the internal 4GB SDD drive, where I currently have a Xubuntu LTS system.
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