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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] libvpx compilation failure

On Tue, 23 Sep 2014 20:35:01 +0000 (UTC)
Carl Eugen Hoyos <cehoyos@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Roberto Togni <rxt <at> rtogni.it> writes:
> > The attached patch fixes it.
> > It syncs our libvpx detection with FFmpeg, and so 
> > disables libvpx compilation if vp9 is not there.
> I thought the exact same issue exists in FFmpeg (see 
> ticket #3958)? I realize meanwhile that 
> "#ifdef VPX_IMG_FMT_I444" will not fix it but since 
> this the old library version is still used by 
> distributions, we should try hard to find a solution.
> Does it help to test for VPX_IMG_FMT_HAS_ALPHA?
> (Is it defined in your header?)

Hi Carl,
 VPX_IMG_FMT_HAS_ALPHA is defined (as 0x400) in my version.

I see that there is now a patch for ticket #3958 on FFmpeg list, but
as you said it won't fix the problem for me (the VPX_IMG_FMT_I444 would
still fail).

But in my case FFmpeg does the right thing and just disable
libvpx, it's only with MPlayer that the compilation fails.

Probably the existing FFmpeg patch can be extended to cover also the
I44 format in the #ifdef, but before doing this I need to know if the
remaining code can compile (and work) for vp8 with this library version.


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