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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] Bluray input with -demuxer lavf

Reimar DÃffinger wrote:
On 18 September 2014 00:40:14 CEST, Andy Furniss <adf.lists@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On all 3 of my disks (on HD) lavf now works without cache and seeking
works on 2 of them.

One just gets EOF when seeking with lavf with or without cache, it
without lavf.

There are two differences from the working - it's encrypted and it's
also made up of lots of small .m2ts for multilingual reasons I guess
whereas the other 2 the main film is just one large .m2ts.

I would bet that if you dumpstream'd the title and tried to seek in ffplay you'd get the same issue.

Yes, ffplay can't seek properly on a dumpstream.

I'd expect the problem is a combination of two things:
1) the demuxer deals badly with timestamp resets which probably happen at the start of each file
2) it for some unknown reason does not use the stream's read_seek function which would use the proper bluray timestamps

We could probably avoid it by just not using the demuxer's seek function, but that is more a hack than proper solution.

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