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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] [Trac] Changed behaviour of "View Tickets" of the main navigation bar

Hi Ingo!

On 2014-08-19 23:46 +0200, Ingo Brückl wrote:
> Alexander Strasser wrote on Tue, 19 Aug 2014 21:12:15 +0200:
> >   I tuned the config of our issue tracker a bit concerning
> > the behaviour when one clicks on the "View Tickets" item of
> > the navigation bar.
> I like it.

  Good :)

> On the other hand, some of the reports that showed up in the report selection
> list were quite useful and unexperienced users might find them helpful. Is it
> possible to add a "Queries" (or "Reports"?) button to the navigation bar
> between "New Ticket" and "Search" that shows the list of available reports?

  I am not sure I can add them to the navigation bar, but if you can tell
me a few reports you think are useful I should be able to translate them
to query links and add them on the frontpage of the wiki.

Thanks for your feed back,

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