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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] Some thoughts on mode switching

lör 2014-07-05 klockan 21:42 +0200 skrev Jan Andres:
> Hi,
> I don't know about other TVs but mine offers a range of modes at its
> native resolution with different refresh rates matching those typically
> found in video content, such as 29.97 Hz, 25 Hz, 23.97 Hz etc.
> I observe that visual quality improves a lot in some scenes (e.g. when
> the camera is panning slowly) if I set the refresh rate to match the
> movie's frame rate prior to playback. Again this may not be the case on
> other TVs but I suppose it wouldn't hurt, so I'm wondering if one should
> add code to mplayer to match the refresh rate to the movie frame rate
> automatically.
> Ideally this would be an option separate from "-vm", as AFAIK the
> scalers in TVs differ widely in quality and most users would probably
> be best off running the TV at its native resolution with scaling
> performed by mplayer, but matching the refresh rate to the movie's may
> still be beneficial.
> What are your thoughts on this?

I have had that in my own patched version of mplayer for over 4 years.
Only refresh rate is change, resolution is kept the same.
My code can automatically change refresh rate if my TV have one close to
video rate. I combine this with my lock video to refresh rate of display
instead of to audio so each video frame will match a vsync.
If you have a TV like my Sony TV which can do motion interpolation
between frames it is even more important to match video frames to

So yes it can be done and works fine.

Unfortunately my set of patches is quite big and not easy to get
accepted into mplayer.


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