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Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] mencoder: detect end of audio stream while encoded data still buffered

On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 7:33 AM, Reimar DÃffinger
<Reimar.Doeffinger@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> Could the solution be as simple as something like this?
>> Index: mencoder.c
>> ===================================================================
>> --- mencoder.c    (revision 37181)
>> +++ mencoder.c    (working copy)
>> @@ -1362,7 +1362,7 @@
>>                  len = dec_audio(sh_audio,aencoder->decode_buffer,
>> aencoder->decode_buffer_size);
>>                  if(len <= 0)
>>                  {
>> -                    len = 0;
>> +                    len = mux_a->buffer_len;
>>                      break;
>>                  }
>>                  len = aencoder->encode(aencoder, mux_a->buffer +
>> mux_a->buffer_len, aencoder->decode_buffer, len,
>> mux_a->buffer_size-mux_a->buffer_len);
> That doesn't make sense, len is the amount of data to _encode_ here,
> so it needs to be the amount of data in aencoder->decode_buffer.
> But mux_a->buffer_len is the amount of already encoded data.
> If we ignore the fact that we lose some amount of audio data at the end
> for now, the only issue is that not all data is _muxed_.
> There is no problem with the encoder or the amount of data it creates,
> gets or anything at all.
> I think your original patch was close to right, I just think it should
> call the muxing function one last time with whatever remains in
> mux_a->buffer_len (if anything).

Please re-check my latest (inline) patch; it should do exactly what
you describe.

Since it is breaking out of the loop, len is not the amount to encode,
but the amount of bytes to mux.

I do admit that 'len' here is an inherently confusing variable as it's
used in two completely different ways. During the loop it's used for
the number of bytes decoded. Outside of the loop it's used as the
number of bytes ready for muxing. It would probably be sensible to
have two separate variables to avoid confusion.

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