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[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] mencoder: detect end of audio stream while encoded data still buffered

Changes to mencoder introduced by r36905 (2014-02-24; mencoder: Finish
encoding only when audio and video reached EOF.) introduced a
regression when using mp3lame and possibly other audio encoders.

This was first reported by Alexander Roalter on mplayer-users:

$ mencoder -msglevel all=6 -o out.avi -oac mp3lame -ovc lavc input
(works normally until the end of the audio stream, but after the end
of the video stream, an endless loop of messages begins:)
ds_fill_buffer: EOF reached (stream: audio)
ds_fill_buffer: EOF reached (stream: video)
ds_fill_buffer: EOF reached (stream: audio)
ds_fill_buffer: EOF reached (stream: video)

After running a debugger, I found that the new code introduced by
r36905 assumes that mux_a->buffer_len == 0 on end-of-stream, but it is
often not the case for mp3lame (and probably other codecs).

Due to technicalities in the way LAME works, it may generate a partial
audio frame before the input stream ends, and mencoder lacks the
architecture to request that audio codecs in this situation complete
their partial frames on end-of-stream. I suspect other audio codecs
have the same issue.

In any case, the fix turned out to be very simple; there is no need to
assume that mux_a->buffer_len is zero on end-of-stream. Even if there
is outstanding data in mux_a->buffer, end-of-stream means it will
never be muxed into the output because dec_audio() will not provide
any more data for aencoder->encode().

Kieran Clancy

 mencoder.c |    2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
Index: mencoder.c
--- mencoder.c	(revision 37179)
+++ mencoder.c	(working copy)
@@ -1390,7 +1390,7 @@
-	if(len<=0) { if (!mux_a->buffer_len && !sh_audio->a_out_buffer_len && sh_audio->ds->eof) at_eof |= 2; break; } // EOF?
+	if(len<=0) { if (!sh_audio->a_out_buffer_len && sh_audio->ds->eof) at_eof |= 2; break; } // EOF?
 	muxer_write_chunk(mux_a,len,AVIIF_KEYFRAME, MP_NOPTS_VALUE, MP_NOPTS_VALUE);
 	a_muxer_time = adjusted_muxer_time(mux_a); // update after muxing
 	if(!mux_a->h.dwSampleSize && a_muxer_time>0)
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