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OT: Search Engines Lament

My bloviated meandering follows what »Q« graced us with on 6/1/2019 7:40 AM:
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Sailfish <NIXCAPSsailfish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I meant built-into-the-browser tools for inspecting and debugging web
pages.  Safari does have them, but having no Macs on hand I can't tell
how extensive they are.  <https://developer.apple.com/safari/tools/>
and <https://support.apple.com/guide/safari-developer/welcome/mac> -- I
don't know why I didn't find that yesterday.

Spectrum/Charter sucks when providing help when they make architecture changes, Microsoft sucks for not fixing a broken supported product and Google sucks, well, because Google.

I sympathize. I spent close to 100 hours scouring Google to find out why Spectrum.net (formerly Charter) email servers started bouncing my SMTP Outgoing mail. This after contacting Spectrum Tech support a few times only to be told I'd have to contact Microsoft Support directly. Sh'yeah, like they'd help since the problem only exhibits itself on Win7, Windows Live Mail (WLM).

Then, about a week again, I find out from another call to Spectrum Tech Support that they no longer support charter.net servers (which had supported the POP3 protocol) only mobile.spectrum.net and they only support IMAP protocol. This in itself threw me onto the search engines again attempting to locate where the NON-'MOBILE' spectrum.net servers were since their mobile.spectrum.net didn't work for SMTP and to, irritatingly, being told that mobile.spectrum.net is used for all platforms.

Still, this re-ignited a barely glowing hope ember but was again tamped back down when it came to getting the SMTP (outgoing mail server) to work. It just wouldn't work using their stated port 587 no matter what other various options I twiddled to, essentially, find the magic 'hack' that would work. The thing is, their stated settings obviously worked for most other users since I was unable to find a report anywhere where it hadn't (or the very few I did find never had a resolution).

Still, I "endeavored to persevere" and finally found a page that suggested the Win7 WLM doesn't support the port 587 "TLS/STARTTLS" protocol. It was about then that I had resigned myself to moving to another email client (and the PITA of moving all my WLM email folders, approx. 40) to another client when I decided one last go at it and, on a whim, tried the "SSL" port 465 and, Voila!, that fixed it.

So, why the long lament post? Because nobody else should have to endure the crap I had to in order to fix a similar experience.

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