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Re: OT: Google forced adds on Chrome

EnDeeGee wrote:
On 2019-06-01 2:20 PM, Don Spam's Reckless Son wrote:
EnDeeGee wrote:
On 2019-06-01 1:36 AM, T wrote:
Hi All,

Google just killed to ability to use add blockers from Chrome.
I did notice that you can no longer use ublock orgin on Chrome.

Do you expect us to take your word for it.
Proof required. Links where uBlock origin doesn't work in Chrome.

Brave is the alternative if you really have your heart set on using
the Blink engine.

Isn't Brave a Chrome clone?

carries the story, I did not actually bother to RTFA but it appears to
be a change which is scheduled but has not been released yet.  I've
known about it for around a year (a guess) just by following the
appropriate media.
Since I don't use Chrome (tested but rejected) I don't really care.

Thanks for the link.

So Google will block ad-blockers to protect "User Experience".  rotflmao

Way to go Google, make more friends.

At least you read the article. I'm ill at the moment, with the attention span of a gnat so I gave it a pass.

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