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Re: Better eMail Server

On 27/05/2019 09:29, Brian wrote:
I will dig it out and post it here if you wish.

No we don't need you to post private conversation between you and Chris. It should remain private.

Of course he can defend himself. He just has to read this list,

No he is not in charge of General Newsgroups. He only manages Firefox and Thunderbird.

Tell me some other avenue to make my points and I will be happy to use it. However, sending to Chris himself simply does not work.

His private eMail is the only way to contact him. As to your second point, Chris is the only point of contact about FF and TB newsgroups. You can contact Mitchell Baker who is the Chairwoman of Mozilla Corporation but I think she would only pass your message to Chris to respond.


She has got her private website/blog where she posts articles relevant to Mozilla products. Not sure how to contact her unless you use her twitter account.


I personally don't think there is any point in wasting your time about this as T <and his other nyms> are well known in newsgroups as prolific troll names. Life is too short for this IMO.

Anyway good luck in whatever you do about this but please don't attack Chris in these public forums. The guy is doing what he is asked to do from the leadership of Mozilla Corporation.

Chris has a private website at this link:


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