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Re: Better eMail Server

On 5/26/19 9:45 PM, 😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote:
> On 27/05/2019 00:00, Brian wrote:
>> No problem, although I must admit to some wonderment as to how the
>> moderator of the Thunderbird support group manages to keep his job. It
>> surely isn't because he does a good job.
> Please note if you have any comments to make about the moderator then
> please contact him direct on: <nmo8@xxxxxxxx>.  

I've sent him the comments about making a public note when he closes a
thread before, although (correctly, in my view) I used the list owner
address rather than his private address (which I didn't know). There
was no response *whatsoever*. I will still have that message in my
sent folder, I will dig it out and post it here if you wish.

>> This is not the place
> to bash him when he can't defend himself what he does or what he
> doesn't do.  

Of course he can defend himself. He just has to read this list, as he
apparently expects everybody else to do just in case he decides to
close a thread without comment. There seems an element of poetic
justice in that concept, at least to me.

> We think Chris is doing a very good job because he has
> cured many of things  that were going on in those newsgroups such as
> people talking about politics and Trump & Obama bashing.  It now never
> happens there but David Ross is still doing it but with some relevance
> with the on topic stuff  so the moderator has to allow his posts.

I'm happy to hear that he does *some* of the job expected of a
moderator, and I'm perfectly willing to accept that he may do that
part of it well.

> The OP is a known troll (he is a nym shifter (using various names such
> as T, Tiger, Todd and Todd&Margo) and Chris is keeping a database of
> people who are habitually posting irrelevant material on the two main
> newsgroups.
The OP, and indeed this thread, really aren't relevant to my post. My
specific complaint is the closure of threads without any indication
that it has been done, and Chris refused to respond to that. It's not
the first time it's happened to me, and I'm getting a bit pissed off
with it. It's an idiocy, and if Chris can't/won't see that then
someone with some authority needs to point it out to him.
Unfortunately, I've no idea who that person might be.

I got my first internet connection when Demon started their Warrington
node back in the UK in late 1992 or early 1993. I've used mailing
lists and newsgroups both professionally (tech support groups, I'm a
retired programmer) and privately since that date, and bulletin boards
and CiX for years prior to that. If ANY other moderator in the
groups/lists I've used since then has done this unannounced squelching
of threads, then it has evaded my notice/memory. How much effort does
it take to write "This thread is now closed, further replies will be
rejected" and post it? If the workload is too great, let them look for
an assistant moderator.

> The OP is also doing the same things on Windows newsgroups but
> unfortunately there are no moderators so he is getting away with
> anything.  Most people have kill-filed him just because there is
> nothing else we can do apart from block him from our machines!!!.

Which is an entirely appropriate response. However, two wrongs do not
make a right. I'm perfectly willing to concede it if you say that the
moderator has been an overall benefit to the lists/groups. No problem
with that at all. However, there have been a few times over the years
that I've had occasion to write to him with specific points to make,
and to the best of my recollection the only time he's ever responded
is when I asked about whether any consideration was given to the needs
of partially-sighted or blind people (that group includes my wife,
unfortunately) and his full answer was "No, none whatsoever".

Tell me some other avenue to make my points and I will be happy to use
it. However, sending to Chris himself simply does not work. When I
sent substantially this complaint about squashing a thread (I'd
replied to another one he'd closed without any indication) the
response was total silence, not even an acknowledgment. I have better
things to do with my time than to write messages for someone just to
hit the delete key.


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