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Re: IRL Podcast Bumble

GerardJan wrote:
rwclark@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have a question about the IRL podcast episode called, “What If Women Built the Internet.” “More women in tech means better products that serve everyone...take the dating app Bumble...on Bumble, it’s the women who have to make the first move... it does give single people more choice...” What are your thoughts on Bumble? Good or bad? I’ve heard that Bumble is associated with forced drug use...and the rumors are credible...Does that change your opinion of the dating app?

i don't change my dating app (i don't have one)
but you might see druglist => attached

the list is not complete, i have also the list with specifics the names and prices for one year.
You can have that if you send me a mail. it is not for the grand public.

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