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Re: Better eMail Server

On 5/24/19 11:38 PM, T wrote:
> On 5/23/19 4:49 AM, Brian wrote:
>> On 5/20/19 9:13 PM, T wrote:
>> This message was originally posted to the thunderbird support list,
>> but the moderator there has spiked all further discussion on this
>> topic, and apparently the OP is supposed to magically know that and
>> that he should look in here for replies.
>> When I was moderating a busy bridge mailing list, around 20 years ago,
>> it was normal practice to post a moderation message when terminating a
>> thread, but I guess the modern way is to rely on the psychic powers of
>> the OP instead.
>> Anyway, in case the OP is reading this list as well as the Thunderbird
>> support one, here's his original message plus my reply.
>> Brian.
> Hi Brian,
> I just found your reply.  Thank you for taking it over here.
> I had no idea the moderator had dropped my topic.  My
> psychic power do not extend much past what's for dinner.
> And thank you for the tip!

No problem, although I must admit to some wonderment as to how the
moderator of the Thunderbird support group manages to keep his job. It
surely isn't because he does a good job.

I used to be one of the moderators of a reasonably high-traffic
mailing list back about 20 years ago. There was a charter drawn up for
the list, and about the top item on it was that we were not allowed to
do ANYTHING to curtail discussions, other than rejecting blatant spam,
without posting a public moderation message to the list that we had
done so, giving our reason(s).

This practice would negate the problem you've just experienced, it
would mean that people did not spend their time writing messages that
were going to be rejected irrespective of content, and it would also
most likely decrease the workload of the moderator.

If I could find some way to submit a complaint against the conduct of
the current moderator, I would do so. I did send a reply (to the
-owner address) to the computer-generated bounce message asking how
you were supposed to know to look on this list instead, but of course
there was no reply. There simply is NO excuse for not doing the job
properly. If the job is beyond the current incumbent, then let them
look for assistance or a replacement. I've seen no advertisements.


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