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Re: userChrome.css and userContent.css disabled by default in Fx 69+

In <news:QISdna8Q8sREtHXBnZ2dnUU7-SnNnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Jeff Layman <jmlayman@invalid.invalid> wrote:

> On 24/05/19 14:31, »Q« wrote:
> > tl;dr: In Fx 69+, using userChrome.css and userContent.css will be
> > controlled by a pref which will be off in new profiles.  Fx 68 will
> > toggle it on in profiles currently using either of those files.
> > 
> > <https://www.ghacks.net/2019/05/24/firefox-69-userchrome-css-and-usercontent-css-disabled-by-default/>  
> "The organization states that not having to look for the two files on 
> startup improves the start-up performance of the Firefox browser."
> Never mind the functionality, just /feel/ the speed!

There's no loss of functionality, but people who want to continue using
those files will have to set a pref if/when they create a new profile.

> Why this obsession with speed? In particular, is start-up performance
> of such importance?

I think start-up performance played a significant role of Fx's
calamitous loss of market share to Chrome, which was significantly
snappier.  Now they're more-or-less on par, but I guess it's important
to keep it that way.

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