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Re: "Firefox Is Now Faster Than Ever Before"

On 5/23/2019 5:10 PM, Wolf K wrote:
On 2019-05-23 08:43, Frank wrote:
On 5/21/2019 5:39 PM, Wolf K wrote:
On 2019-05-21 15:35, David E. Ross wrote:
On 5/21/2019 11:42 AM, Lynn McGuire wrote:
"Firefox Is Now Faster Than Ever Before"

"Firefox is today releasing Firefox 67 to introduce a bunch of new
performance improvements. The company is changing how Firefox works and renders web pages to help speed things up. And according to the company,
the latest release of Firefox is faster than ever before."


What we now have are faster client applications (e.g., Firefox), faster
modems and routers, and faster broadband speeds but servers that cannot
deliver Internet packets fast enough to provide any appreciable overall
improvement in speed.

Oh, they can. But on the one hand, the providers aren't providing the fiber optic (fiber optic) required; and on the other hand, they have permission to throttle speeds. Why innovate and improve if you don't have to? That just wastes shareholders' dollars.

Enjoy life while you still can,

Just checking my provider's speed (Comcast) at a little over 200Mbps. I have their highest speed plan which can go to 1000 but have never clocked much above 500.  There is a fiber optic going to the bottom of my development but then split into cable and I assume I will never see max unless everyone else using it is off line.

Good point. The total throughput is divided by the number of subscribers online downstream of the node. Fiber merely allows more subs per node, plus a enough of a speed increase to impress the customers. No client (email, browser) can affect that.

I've noticed marked differences in connecting and subsequent download speeds during the day. Generally worst for email around 8 to 10a.m. May be different in your 'hood, if speed matters, changing your daily schedule may help. But that's not a _Firefox_  (or Thunderbird) issue. :-)


Checking FIOS I see their top offering is no higher than Comcasts. Their upload may be much higher as mine tops at 40 no matter what time of day. My hood has 20 houses so maybe half are on the same feed assuming only 1 feed. At any rate I am completely satisfied all times of day.
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