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Re: Better eMail Server

On 5/23/19 1:21 PM, Grant Taylor via general wrote:
> On 5/23/19 6:55 AM, Brian wrote:
>> I don't know where you're located - but as regards running your own
>> servers, at least here in the USA, many ISPs will bar you from doing
>> this (and block traffic on various ports) unless you buy a
>> commercial account, usually at significant extra expense. My ISP
>> (Fairpoint, now Consolidated after the takeover) is one such ISP,
>> which is why I use Pair Networks.
> I've been hearing advertisements for a new product / service called
> "Helm" [1] that works by establishing a VPN from your house to Helm's
> service where they curate IPs and other things necessary for you to
> run your own email server.  So you end up bypassing the port
> restrictions that some ISPs put in place by connecting to something in
> Helm's cloud.
> I've not priced it out, but it does seem like an interesting concept
> and is a direct answer to the issue that Brian mentions.
> [1] https://thehelm.com/

Helm appears to be $500 up front and $99 per year, USA only, and
they're sold out at present, and don't start delivering "units" until
next month. You can reserve your place in the queue for $99. I think
I'll give that one a miss.

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