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Re: Better eMail Server

On 5/23/19 6:55 AM, Brian wrote:
I don't know where you're located - but as regards running your own servers, at least here in the USA, many ISPs will bar you from doing this (and block traffic on various ports) unless you buy a commercial account, usually at significant extra expense. My ISP (Fairpoint, now Consolidated after the takeover) is one such ISP, which is why I use Pair Networks.

I've been hearing advertisements for a new product / service called "Helm" [1] that works by establishing a VPN from your house to Helm's service where they curate IPs and other things necessary for you to run your own email server. So you end up bypassing the port restrictions that some ISPs put in place by connecting to something in Helm's cloud.

I've not priced it out, but it does seem like an interesting concept and is a direct answer to the issue that Brian mentions.

[1] https://thehelm.com/

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