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Mimetype extensions to handlers.json don't work permanently...

Dear List,

I am using firefox 60.4 on Rdehat Linux 6.8 and Kubuntu 16.0.4

Because firefox 60.4  only allows the option "save file" when file are recongnized as "BIN" files, I need to add supplemental "actions" as a mimetype to handlers.json.  E.g this looks as:


"application/x-sh1": {
"action": 2,
"extensions": [
"handlers": [
"name": "ext1.sh",
"path": "<path to script>/ext1.sh"





After saving the extended handlers.json in the firefox default directory, and reastarting firefox this ahs been working fine. Clickling on a dataset "*.ext1" triggered the execution of script ext1.sh. The modified handlers.json has been accepted be firefox, it wasn't replaced at startup of firefox.

However, on day later the extension does not work anymore. Firefox recognizes again an BIN file, which it want to save again.Nothing else than "save" is offered. The dataset handlers.json is not modified, it is still my extended version.

Does anyone know, whether there is another place in the firefox default profile directory, where changes to handlers.json must be registered, and . if yes - how?

As another workaround I would like to add a  mimetpye action by getting a window clicking on unknown file extensions which offers me to open another application, and whch also offers me to link thie appliation to this filetype forever. However, I don't get such a window, all what I get is a window with the button "save file". How can I get the other window here?

Any help is welcome.


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