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Re: Better eMail Server

On 23/05/2019 13:55, Brian wrote:
> Reply initially sent privately by mistake. Sorry for the duplication,
> Mark.

No worries. :-)

I replied to you privately just before I saw your message here. Here's
my reply for anyone else who is interested.

On 23/05/2019 13:54, brian wrote:
> I'm not getting at the moderator for deciding the exchange is
> off-topic, that's his right to do so. I'm getting at the moderator for
> doing so without giving ANY public indication on the list that he's
> done so. The OP, as far as I can see, has no way to tell between
> nobody answering and answers being blocked, other than monitoring this
> list on the off-chance.

Yes, good point. It is unhelpful for the moderator to just disappear
messages without letting the OP know what has happened.

However, I note the OP has posted to this list/group quite recently so
it is reasonably likely that they will be aware of messages posted here

> I don't know where you're located - but as regards running your own
> servers, at least here in the USA, many ISPs will bar you from doing
> this (and block traffic on various ports) unless you buy a commercial
> account, usually at significant extra expense. My ISP (Fairpoint, now
> Consolidated after the takeover) is one such ISP, which is why I use
> Pair Networks.

I'm in the UK and some ISPs do this, mainly mass market oriented ones.
However, better ISPs don't block ports or protocols and don't
necessarily cost much more than the mass market oriented ISPs (at least
here in the UK). If one wishes to run one's own servers then perhaps
this extra amount is a price worth paying, onerous though it is.

Mark Rousell

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